Journey to Cambodia all January 2008

Dear Friends und Familie,

As I have learned from my dear nice and god-daughter Friederike (Frieda-auf-Reisen), the easiest way to communicate from the far end of the world is via a BLOG. So we shall try it as well.

As most of our friends from England, Germany, France, Romania, Russia and Ethiopia and family in Germany speak English, this shall be the language of communication.

I look forward to feeding this BLOG soon.

Merry Christmas

Klaus and Friederike


11.12.07 11:39

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David (3.1.08 09:21)
What a good idea to have made this blog!
This message just to test if it works and if we will be able to communicate with you during the trip...
We wish you a wonderful journey. Agnieszka et David

Margarete and Claus (6.1.08 11:22)
Great idea! And you have already managed to upload a photo :-) Have a safe and exciting journey! Margarete and Claus

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